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FMP360 and Exact Online Integration Now Available

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can seamlessly integrate their field service and accounting solutions.

Benefits of Integrating Field Service Software with Your Accounting System

Regardless of the industry you’re in and the type of service you operate, you’re likely using an accounting or financial system. Your organization may also have a field service solution in place to optimize the work of your technicians in the field and your back-office staff. If you have never considered integrating those systems, now is the time to do so! Why? Because of these benefits:

  • Eliminate Paperwork and Increase Efficiency
    When field service technicians are in the field, they collect and store a lot of data, much of which has to be relayed to their accounting departments, where the data is entered so invoices can be sent. But when organizations rely on people to manually enter data, they are being inefficient in their use of resources. Integrating FMP360 with Exact Online is a smart move because it frees up administrative staff to handle other tasks and it reduces errors that commonly occur with paper-based processes.

  • Send Invoices Quicker, Receive Payments Faster
    By integrating Gomocha FMP360 with Exact Online, organizations can send invoices to customers immediately upon completion of a work order, eliminating confusion about what happened in the field and what the invoice should reflect. There’s no back-and-forth between technician and accounting department, and no customer complaints about receiving late or incomplete invoices.

  • Better Data + More Streamlined Processes = Deep Insight
    With FMP360 and Exact Online integration, users have a window into which services are the most profitable and which are the most problematic. This type of insight helps companies see timely and accurate reports of their week-to-week (or even daily) operations. Better reporting leads to better planning, increased productivity, greater profitability and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Integration Improves Accuracy
    It’s highly likely that the majority of field service organizations have customer records that are inaccurate. There may be duplicate records, inaccurate contact information, or incomplete job history reports. Integrating FMP360 and Exact Online greatly reduces the amount of data that users need to enter, and also reduces the risks and headaches of duplicates and inaccuracies.
Seamless Integration with the Exact Online Connector

Exact Online and FMP360 integrate seamlessly via the standard Exact Online connector, making this Enterprise FSM solution also available for Exact Online users. Activating integration takes a matter of mere minutes – and you can get started right away. (For those who choose to enable integration, their day-to-day operations will automatically sync to Exact Online.)

The Entire Field Service Process – Digital and Customized to Meet Your Unique Needs

FMP360 offers the best tools to manage field service operations. With built-in flexibility to organize your processes around your unique field service needs, you’re able to optimize every step of everything your organization does. From Call Intake and Planning to Dispatch and Implementation by technicians, every process has been thought of. And if an adjustment is needed somewhere along the line to prepare for the next level of optimization, you can make the adjustment yourself.

Exact Online

With Exact Online, SMEs have an all-in-one integrated online package. In addition to accounting and CRM, Exact Online offers specific solutions for your industry. More than 400,000 companies achieve their ambitions with Exact Online. Head to the Exact Online App Center to get started with FMP360, then make the integration and start enjoying the benefits.  


FMP360, an Enterprise Field Service Management (FSM) solution developed by Gomocha (GO MObile CHAnge), helps entrepreneurs optimize their field service processes to the maximum. No more paper work orders, but always the right information available for your technicians – including easy time and material registration, straightforward questionnaire design, and intuitive reports in the FMP360 App. More than 70,000 field staff use FMP360 every day.

Quick Start

To start quickly with FMP360, you’ll begin with a standard device and get going within a few minutes. The user interface is so simple that after five minutes, you will have sent the first work order to your field technician.

Because Gomocha optimizes and improves the platform every quarter in collaboration with our customers, it is a matter of continuous improvement. And because you as an entrepreneur face always-changing market conditions, shifting customer demands, and frequent changes in legislation, you are never finished optimizing. That is precisely the idea that Gomocha supports.

Try It Yourself Now

Many organizations preceded you. Now it’s your turn to benefit from an Enterprise FSM solution. Try it out for 30 days – for free! Click here to get started. Or visit the Exact Online App Center to get started with FMP360, then make the integration and start enjoying the benefits.

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