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Canon Business Center Innovates with FMP360

Gomocha is looking forward to a collaborative partnership with our new customer Canon Business Center Netherlands. Canon Business Center Netherlands will use FMP360’s sophisticated Customer Portal and Smart Planning to ensure they’re ready for the future.

Canon Business Center Netherlands — a new FMP360 user — is a shining example of a true client-driven organization. Canon Business Center Netherlands optimizes the business processes of organizations by efficiently organizing information flows and handling document management with an intense focus on client service excellence. Through an advanced customer portal, Canon Business Center Netherlands clients will have access to information about the services being provided and be able to see the status of the work being performed. They can also update their information and fill out client satisfaction surveys about the services they receive.

Canon Business Center Netherlands clients are not the only ones who will benefit from FMP360; the service desk will also innovate with advanced planning capabilities for the provision of services. The “smart planning” features and functionality will help optimize Canon Business Center Netherlands’ planning processes. No more manual service planning! Instead, highly responsive advanced scheduling capabilities will perfectly pair the job orders to the service engineers who are best suited to perform the work — and everything related to jobs will be visible on the plan board.

One of the best things about FMP360 in the Canon Business Center Netherlands organization is that it is so flexible that it allows service desk staff to create question lists themselves. Even better, they can also use Designer Tools to customize the FMP360 Mobile App — no coding necessary!

Meeting Canon Business Center Netherlands’s Short- and Long-Term Goals

The advanced planning functionality built into FMP360 will help Canon Business Center Netherlands meet its short-term goals — specifically, saving on travel time and reducing distances traveled, as well as enabling service engineers to handle more assignments every day and increasing overall client satisfaction.

Longer term, Canon Business Center Netherlands wants to ensure that it has a pillar on which to support growth and fuel innovations well into the future. With FMP360, Canon Business Center Netherlands rests assured that it will be able to provide remote assistance, so that Canon Business Center Netherlands clients will be able to solve printer issues themselves. Other future technologies that Canon Business Center Netherlands plans to deploy include IoT-driven planning — so that when malfunctions occur, printers will transmit messages to Canon Business Center Netherlands and, through the FMP360 platform, a service order will automatically be scheduled with the most appropriate service engineer available.

Canon Business Center Netherlands will go live with FMP360 January 1, 2020. Shortly thereafter, Gomocha will further optimize the solution by continuing to add new functionality to ensure that Canon Business Center Netherlands can continue to innovate and achieve its long-term business objectives.

Adapt quickly to changes

With FMP360, Canon Business Center Netherlands will be able to take advantage of the platform’s flexibility, enabling the company to structure and restructure its service processes so that it can better respond to the constantly shifting needs of its clients and ensuring that the company will always be able to offer innovative solutions and provide service at the highest level.

About Gomocha FMP360, from CBC’s Perspective

“We found in FMP360 everything we need to provide the very best products and services for our clients today and to ensure that we will be well-equipped to serve their needs in the future. And in Gomocha, we found a true partner — one who is truly committed to helping us succeed. The team is involved and tenacious in every sense of the word, following up quickly when we have a question and providing the knowledge and expertise we need to move forward. We are impressed with their commitment to a collaborative partnership.” Robert van Kuijk, Service & Logistics Manager

Canon Business Center Netherlands’ Guiding Principles

“Canon Business Center Netherlands is your regional partner for total business optimization. We inspire our partners to get the best out of themselves and their organization and to connect perfectly to a digital future.”

Canon Business Center Netherlands is a firm believer in the power of mutually beneficial relationships. And because this is a guiding principle, the Canon Business Center Netherlands team has provided to Gomocha a high-quality, high-output Canon multifunction printer. Now, as a Canon Business Center Netherlands client, we will be able to digitize and optimize our paper flows and document and information processes, we will also be able to experience first-hand the Canon Business Center Netherlands commitment to client service.

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