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Gomocha Partners With ORTEC To Strengthen Its Field Service Scheduler For Customers

When field mobility meets (automated) planning

Ontario California, US and Zoetermeer, Netherlands (July 22, 2020) – Gomocha, a leader in made-for-mobile technology running on both cloud-based and on-premise platform environments and ORTEC, the world’s leading supplier of mathematical optimization software and advanced analytics, today announced a partnership to provide a robust, future-proof and advanced scheduling solution for field service organizations across multiple industries. In order to build better service experiences and optimize every single role in the field service ladder, Gomocha has partnered with ORTEC to expand its scheduling capabilities and offerings. With ORTEC’s specialist data-driven software and recently launched field service scheduler, its technology works to compliment and extend Gomocha’s Field Mobility Platform (FMP360) scheduling functionality to promise real-time visibility to essential field service team members. By matching multiple multi-skilled technicians to best-fit work orders using an advanced smart-algorithm technology, field service companies come to experience increases in employee satisfaction, route efficiency and less travel time. While field managers and planners benefit by efficiently scheduling tickets to employees based on criteria set.

The partnership uses FMP360 job data to seamlessly integrate into ORTEC’s Field Service Scheduler software to trigger and return an optimal solution after each individual or batch request that is entered into Gomocha’s FMP360 platform. Guided by the batch optimizer, individual standard optimization scripts will reflect specific objectives and business criteria rules entered. This dynamic combination therefore seamlessly delivers double-digit improvements in customer satisfaction and profitability for service-based organizations across many markets- such as those in the Manufacturing, HVAC, Utilities, Vending and Service Provider industries and many more. 

About Gomocha and ORTEC's Perspective

“When it came to deciding to upgrade our FMP360 platform
with the best way forward, ORTEC was the perfect partner for the challenge. By putting two major solutions together, a powerful integrated engine was born and one that will continue to keep innovation at the forefront for years to come,” said Gomocha Product Director Trent Thacker. “A change was needed in order to make our platform more user-friendly and to advance our leading innovation efforts in an ever-changing and demanding field service landscape” added Thacker. 


“We are delighted that Gomocha has chosen ORTEC Cloud Field Service Scheduling. Our expertise is complementary to each other. With ORTEC’s recently launched Field Service Scheduler and Gomocha’s FMP360 field mobility platform working together, every change in the scheduler is evaluated and the consequences are determined. Think of the mechanic who arrives late at a customer site or takes longer to repair. Also, urgent jobs or all kinds of other changes which blur the overview and

control for the planner. While these changes can have a significant effect on arrival time (ETA), overtime, cost price, both solutions work together to
provide real-time control, insight and support to vital planning and field
service teams,” said ORTEC Global Industry Director Martijn Sol.


When combined, both the Gomocha FMP360 platform and ORTEC’s Field Service Scheduler work together to provide a cutting-edge scheduling solution. The results are scheduled optimization within FMP360, that delivers real-time visibility to essential field operation team members easily connecting them to both the office and mobile field workforce. Dispatchers have much more time to respond and focus on critical work such as at-risk issues and emerging work orders than ever before. With data driven decisions based on metrics and business rules – vital factors such as time, distance, SLA times, technician skills, business opening hours, start and ending location, cost factors and much more are always taken into account. Furthermore, planners will continue to work with the same graphic software but will gain extra “thinking power” behind the screens to be simultaneously connected to run both on online and offline environments, every minute of the day. No other collaboration can provide that amount of around the clock support to field service teams on such a global scale.

For more information or details on this exciting new partnership, please contact: sales@gomocha.com

About Gomocha

The name Gomocha is a derivative of the words Go Mobile and Change. In its 33-year history, Gomocha has gained keen insight and deep expertise in Field Services, through an intense focus on supporting a wide array of digital work processes in the ever-changing environments in which customers operate. Gomocha has offices on the East and West Coasts of the United States, and in The Netherlands.


The ORTEC journey started in the early 1980s. A few young Dutch students wanted to show the world the value of mathematics to secure long term sustainable growth for organizations and society at large. Thirty-nine years later, ORTEC is the world’s leading supplier of mathematical optimization software and advanced analytics with around 1,000 employees and offices in 13 countries around the globe. Over the years, we have optimized business processes at more than 1,200 leading companies, enabling us to make a significant contribution to a better world.


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