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Announcing Release 4.5.1: Enhancements, Upgrades and Improvements ¾ Everything You Need to Know

Gomocha’s latest release available now with new advanced quick search options, map driven data layers and more revolutionary features!

Gomocha is delighted to announce Release 4.5.1 of its Field Mobility Platform 360 (FMP360). There are many new and compelling features and functionalities that have been added to the platform, as well as quality and stability improvements that are aimed at maintaining our commitment to a high-quality product for our entire user community. Gomocha continues to partner with our customers to bring only the highest market innovations that make it faster, easier and more efficient to deliver data and asset-centric field service.

With more challenges being faced now more than ever before in the fieldwork space and beyond ¾ recent data supports that businesses have indeed sky-rocketed about “five years forward in business digital adoption” in just matter of several weeks. Meaning, more and more industry leaders are now harnessing the power and sustainability that remote working tools have to offer their operations. FMP360 helps businesses keep their operations running smoothly with reliable software that you can trust on to keep your employees and customers on track, safe and efficient.

From being able to track data with multiple mapping layers to managing various main and sublocations touchpoints and performing advanced quick search options with ease in order to greatly improve on your user experience. Our new product release delivers results that help dispatchers, planners and technicians feel more empowered at their jobs.

Let’s take a deep dive into the top enhancements you can expect in FMP360 Release 4.5.1:

  • With an enhanced and improved search options portal, users can now do an advanced “quick search” on all places that you can previously search in the FMP360 portal. Now, not only can you significantly improve the usability of finding objects (assets, orders, customers, etc.) across the entire FMP360 platform, you can also tag those fields to be part of the new quick search field, and set how each field is searched. As a customer you know which fields you search the most and how you tend to search for them. For example, “starts with, contains, equals, or ends with” options. With one search field, you can search across multiple fields in the database greatly improving your user experience and ease of use. This quick search functionality does have the ability to be configured on the organization level for which fields that you search. This makes FMP360 even more user-friendly and configurable and the powerful option will soon become available in the FMP360 mobile field app.
  • A new and more robust level of functionality for Customer, Asset and Order levels. With this new release it is now possible to show and adjust the opening hours or availability hours in both the Portal and in the app.
  • Introducing a new “sub-locations” breakdown. Do you, or your customers, have large facilities that are broken into sections or areas? Would you like to be able to track orders or assets at these locations and see them in a hierarchical view? The FMP360 platform now allows for locations to be created with any number of sub-locations underneath the main location. This allows not only for ease of maintaining and segregating objects, but also for searching objects across all locations easily.
  • An elevated FMP360 portal allows for all grids to be configured to show the fields that are most important to you, and in the order that makes the most sense. Grids can now be configured at the organization level and updated at the user level as well. 
  • Maps and Layers. The FMP360 platform continues to improve and evolve its capabilities. With our most recent release, we are listening to our customers and their desires to see their data in a more graphical format and updating our mapping features. For both the portal and the mobile app, users can now create different layers they would like to have available on a map. The layers can be data-consumed from outside sources such as ESRI ArcGIS servers, Bing maps, WFS services, vector tiles, and more.
FMP360 Maps and Layers – Tile ArcGis Rest Example
We hope you will enjoy these and all of the other enhancements that we have included in Release 4.5.1. Please refer to the Release Notes document for a full list of upgrades and additions, or contact us for more details by emailing info@gomocha.com, calling 240-403-6001, or registering for a free trial of FMP360 and our new Automated Planning Field Scheduler to help your planners achieve schedule optimization!

Now available Release 4.5.1

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