Field Service for the Vending Industry

Gomocha’s FMP360 platform and mobile app are perfectly suited for vending operators.

The vending industry provides a wide range of goods and services in self-service machines at central locations. There is constant pressure to keep customers happy by providing the support they need for their machines, whether it’s a snack or drink machine that needs repairs or a complete overhaul to incorporate upgrades and newer technologies. Vending industry service providers exist to ensure that vending machines are up and running 24/7 so that consumers have what they need, when they need it.

Challenges in Field Services in the Vending Industry

Reliable replenishment service.

It is essential to keep clients’ vending machines fully stocked so that consumers have 24/7 access to vended products.

Responsive 24-hour emergency repair service.

Having service technicians on call 24/7 is necessary so you can respond quickly and competently if something goes wrong.

Maintenance and monitoring.

The importance of maintaining vending inventories, ordering repair parts and keeping service records cannot be overstated. Technicians need to constantly monitor product demand and stock the selections that customers want most often.

Realistic route schedules.

Machines need to remain well-stocked and operational, which often depends on sophisticated planning tools.

Quality control.

Storing food and beverage inventory in locations that maintain freshness, protecting vulnerable machines from vandalism and theft, replacing equipment when it malfunctions and performing routine maintenance to prevent malfunctions are all critically important for field technicians serving the vending industry.

Quick Wins with FMP360

Faster fixes and increased uptime for vending machines


Increased efficiency

Reduced downtime

Lower costs

Minimized risk to assets

Increased customer satisfaction

prompt invoicing

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