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The utilities industry is facing a number of daunting challenges across the globe. And thanks to new business models and the digital transformation, the utility industry’s focus is shifting. Once primarily concerned with the steady production and delivery of energy, water and gas, utility companies are increasingly concerned about retaining customers and managing the lifecycle of their assets. To that end, many utility companies are now aiming to become solution suppliers, consultants, planners, and customer partners.

Field Service Challenges in the Utilities Industry

Route and work order optimization.

The expanded role that utilities play also comes with a greater demand on their resources. Without an intelligent and comprehensive system for allocating work orders and optimizing routes, it will be difficult if not impossible to react to all service requests in a timely manner, much less in real time.

Demand for new technologies.

Energy companies are often responsible for installing and monitoring meters — and with many customers making the switch to smart meters, there will be a surge in demand for this service and a need to accommodate it with a sufficient number of skilled technicians.

Workforce forecasting and capacity management.

As the utility industry becomes more deeply involved in digital transformation, it will need to expand its expertise and that of its workforce to meet service demands. This will require an intelligent system for managing and maintaining an overview of the skill set, availability and location of every service technicians.

Integrating new energy sources.

Wind and hydroelectric power plants are technically complex systems, which are subjected to a wide range of highly variable conditions during operation. This means that the need for service is difficult to anticipate and uniquely dispersed depending on geography. Plants and equipment require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure operational efficiency and minimal downtime.

Quick Wins with FMP360

fast implementation and seamless connection to your ERP

increased efficiency with work order and routing optimization

consistent response and repair via mobile application and checklists

efficient management of complex and long-term work and projects

crew and project support to help you achieve optimal planning of resources

analysis and reports for decision making

View multiple maps and layers in FMP360 mobile app

online and offline capability

intuitive user experience with minimal training requirements

real-time data transfer via Cloud

many languages available

increase in customer satisfaction

cost savings

prompt invoicing

Create various maps and layers from data consumed outside sources such as (ESRI ArcGIS Servers, Bing Maps, WFS Services, Vector Tiles and more) in portal

Utility Customer

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RENDO engineers work with the FMP360 App and Portal to broaden the reach and scope of RENDO’s planning and customer service initiatives. Using the Customer Portal, RENDO customers are able to log in to confirm or reschedule a service or maintenance visit.

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