Field Service for Service Providers

Companies that perform service, repair and inspections are increasingly searching for better ways to track critical records needed for regulatory compliance, service delivery improvement, and operational performance.

The nature of the service industry is very diverse, and providers perform a wide range of activities that add value to businesses and individuals. The “output” of this industry is not a physical product; instead, service industry participants enhance, maintain, repair, design and perform different alterations to physical items. The wide array of complex activities they perform are vitally important to a society’s proper functioning.

Field Service for Service Providers

Selling the intangible.

  • Your service is invisible and cannot be touched, which makes it difficult to determine its value and quality.
  • Differentiating your services from those offered by your competitors it is increasingly important but often difficult to accomplish.

Meeting extensive customer demands.

  • You cannot return a service.
  • Dissatisfied customers may believe their time has been wasted.
  • If your service does not meet customer expectations, they will tell other people.

Asset Management and the Bigger Picture.

Managing assets can be challenging, especially when there are many different types of assets in many different locations.

Regulatory change.

Stringent regulations, arduous legal requirements and unpredictable reforms — whether safety procedures in the construction industry or environmental restrictions in the HVAC and refrigeration industries — must be adhered to.

Quick Wins with FMP360

Boosting first-time-fix rates

Prioritizing field mobility allows you to deliver not only real-time and offline data to field technicians so they have customer and asset information at their fingertips, it also lets you deliver remote step-by-step guidance to technicians no matter where in the world they are — boosting first-time-fix rates.

Increase customer satisfaction

Mobile apps let technicians communicate in real time to customers, helping ensure they are satisfied with the service received.

Upselling and cross-selling

Equipping field technicians with a robust mobile app also helps them cross-sell and upsell while they are in the field in front of customers.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI by using data analytics capabilities, which provide actionable insight into how to improve field technicians’ performance and productivity.

Meet regulatory demands

Safety and liability concerns are diminished as a result of sophisticated-yet-straightforward regulatory compliance registrations and related functionality.

Streamline operations

Performance management metrics provide the business with meaningful insights to help streamline operations.

Increase technician productivity

Conducting inspections with our mobile field service app increases technician productivity.

Seamless 3rd party integration

For manufacturers and distributors providing preventative maintenance agreements and field service management, FMP360 provides a field service management solution that integrates to your existing ERP, CRM, and accounting system.

Personalized customer experience

Personalizing the customer experience ensures that each customer feels that he or she has been given special attention, which improves customer satisfaction and retention.

Case Studies

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By creating a digital workflow to guide technicians through the process of registering information in the field, Arodo has improved the amount and quality of data gathered, enabling management to better analyze their business processes and make data-inspired decisions.



With the FMP360 solution, Strukton Worksphere has a tool that streamlines all its current workflows and processes and a mobile app that field technicians can use to register time and materials.



"From the beginning and throughout the implementation, we were really involved in the project. We used a shoulder-to-shoulder approach that made us feel like we were actually a part of the Gomocha team.”

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