Field service, de facto, is all about change. The differentiator is how quickly and seamlessly you change.

Millennials today collectively disqualify Facebook as their preferred social media outlet. Isn’t it strange that they’re abandoning it? They saw its successful introduction 13 years ago, so one might think they’d feel a sense of familiarity and attachment to it. When I was in my teens and twenties, mobile telephones and automated gears were introduced. Both remain an important part of my daily practice today.

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It comes as no surprise to anyone that technology changes are happening at an increasingly rapid pace. Technology “leapfrogs itself” so often that it seems wasteful to discard perfectly good devices and programs simply to replace them with something new. Talking with my partners in business (which is how I refer to my customers) about these patterns, it always surprises me that innovative technologies are adopted so unequally and so differently in real life.

One food manufacturing customer implemented remote monitoring via Internet of Things technology two decades ago, in their freeze-tunnel product that’s used in high-volume production of bread. Twelve years ago, another customer implemented managed services for door-entrance systems based on remote-control technologies. That effectively changed their business model from producer into service provider.

In general, all of our customers are innovative in their own space and at their own pace, and a variety of trending new-technologies help them build unique selling propositions. What these 100+ innovative customers all have in common is their goal to improve their field service operations. That’s why they are Gomocha customers. When they became customers, some already had a partial solution, others had no solution at all, and still others were busy implementing huge and enormously expensive technology projects that were two years in the making, knowing that what they were getting ready to launch was already dated.

The rapid change in mobile-device technology – including the hardware, the operating systems and the development and expansion of communication capabilities – is perceived as a tsunami. And still, many businesses manage at least one, if not many, processes in the field that are executed in paper-based formats.

With at first some disbelief, I learned why innovative businesses don’t always see the benefit of a paperless field operation but, instead, still struggle with reading handwritten notes, which often lead to expensive mistakes.

For many of Gomocha’s potential customers, it seems to be agonizingly difficult to provide their customers with an accurate time of arrival, a first differentiator on the path toward customer satisfaction. My telecom provider called me five times to confirm an appointment – and believe it or not, the fifth time was 12 minutes past the arrival of the technician – and they didn’t even apologize for bothering me so much. All I expected was an electronic message (e-mail or SMS) to tell me, “Your tech will arrive within 10 minutes,” or “Expect your tech to be there around 11:40.”

After conducting some deep research into the reasons why field-process automation is so hard (or so feared), I gained great insight and now have solid understanding of the issues. My primary conclusion is this: Regardless of whether a business has a few or a hundred technicians on the road, these technicians and the work they’re doing are subject to constant change – and change can be unpredictable and disruptive and scary.

What changes am I referring to? Consider:

  • Changing customer expectations
  • Differing contractual obligations
  • Varying products and the way they perform
  • Differing employee profiles
  • Shifting business processes

All of these variables can affect your ability to collect money from your customers. And all of these variables can be managed effectively with Gomocha FMP360. Optimizing field service operations for our customers is job one. Our innovative software tool is architected to support ever-changing field services. 

Our customers report optimization of all of their processes, including:

  • Inspection
  • Restocking
  • Quality-assurance reviews
  • Customer-satisfaction surveys
  • Repair order execution
  • Installation and maintenance
  • And many other processes

The beautiful thing is, it’s in one out-of-the-box software tool. Our state-of- the-art architecture allows Gomocha to add building blocks, allowing you to incorporate all the new technological developments in the world. We like to tout that customers can optimize their business processes – without our involvement – in just a few days.

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Do you experience resistance to change, or think optimized field service operations are Impossible to achieve? Call Gomocha to request a demonstration, or visit us at

Gomocha – Changing Field Services.

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